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Third Party And Contract Manufacturing Services

 Third-Party/Contract Manufacturer Services in India- The practice of Outsourcing Pharma Product for your business is quite old. It saves huge costs of your business and assures the hassle-free start of your venture. According to the recent Survey, there are lots of Pharmaceuticals companies in India without a manufacturing unit. So, to help these companies, we at Texas Pharmaceuticals, providing Third Party/Contract Manufacturer Services in India. By rendering this service, we aim to help these startups to grow their business fastly. Apart From this, our company uses WHO-GMP Certified units for processing formulation tasks. All the installed manufacturing plants at Texas are highly productive and ensures the maximum output.  Our Company is capable to manufacture all medicines segments like Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrups, Soft gel, Sachets, etc. at just one spot. Since inception, we have gained the massive expertise in manufacturing pharma products. This becomes possible with our hardworking manpower, who strive hard to meet the client’s quality requirements and expectations. If you are also indulged in such business then, you can also take up our Third Party/Contract Manufacturer Services in India. 

List of Pharma Products providing at Texas Pharmaceuticals

We have come up with a one-stop platform for all pharmaceutical products. Find out the list below:
Dental range Alkaliser
Digestive aids Analgesics
Gastro Anti-fungal
Gynae medicine Anti-gout
Herbal oil Anti-psychotic
Herbal products Anti-vertigo
Infertility Antibiotic
Lexatives Antibiotics
Musculo-skeletal disorders Antibiotics/pediatric
Nutritional supplement Anticold
Respiratory tract disorders Antiviral
Steroids Antimalarial
Ulcer protectives Appetite stimulants


We Deliver 100% Quality Assurance & Control

Since inception, we are consistent in our product quality. It as an essential aspect of overall business operation, we take into consideration. Our prime objective is to assure that all the manufactured unit are safe to consume, effective and has a long shelf life. For that, we have hired quality checkers and agents, who provide multiple layers of quality in our goods and assures whether it is ready to introduce in the market. Moreover, we strive hard to meets the WHO provided quality guidelines to be ready for quality check anytime. From the selection of chemical compounds to the smooth functioning of our machinery, we focus on each and everything. 

Advantage of taking Contract Manufacturer Services in India

Here is the list of perks of taking Manufacturing Service on Contract Basis: Cost-effectiveness- Setting up a manufacturing unit at premises and hire manpower for processing the work is quite increases the cost-of-capital. But in Contract Manufacturing Service, you don’t have to pay for equipment, labors, electricity and other costs. Thus, it is a cost-saving.  Mutual Benefits- It gives benefits to both parties. For pharma companies, they are reducing their overall costs of capital and for contract manufacturers, it is a profit.  Build Link- In the case of taking a contract manufacturing service in India, you will associate with a vendor, which will later prove beneficial for your business in brand awareness. They will inform their supplier, distributors channel and packaging & labeling team for which they are working.  No Quality Barriers. Contract manufacturers are into this business for a significant year. Thus, they are quite clean and sharp in providing their service. So, there will be no quality barriers you will face. Thus, you can make your customers happy with impeccable quality  More focus- Once your manufacturing responsibility will be handled by a contract manufacturer, you can focus on other business operations and promote your business growth. 

Things to keep on mind before taking Third-Party Manufacturing Service 

Here are the top things, that you must keep in mind before 3rd party manufacturer service: Before third party service, make sure that the company is accessing the best technology and has good manufacturing capabilities. You must also take the product sample before binding into any agreement If the company is allowing to check out and inspect their manufacturing laboratories, then it will give more satisfactory results. Make sure, all the excise duty, GST and other added costs are discussed beforehand only. Before signing the contract, make sure the company has a good previous record.    

How Texas Pharmaceutical is Best to Associate with?

When it comes to selling pharma products, you must always seek for a reliable manufacturer. Luckily, Texas Pharmaceutical meets all the guidelines and terms set by the Government authorities. Our solid grasp on formulating quality medicines made us India’s top leading Third Party/Contract Manufacturer. Know more about how we are best: Our company works on WHO-GMP Norms We have a dedicated and hardworking manpower All the chemical compound dully crossed the quality layers We have our own laboratories and machineries Our works assures the leakage and breakproof packaging We believe in maintain transparency in all the business operation etc.