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TEXACEF-200 ( Cefixime 200mg )



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TEXACEF-200 consists of Cefixime which belongs to the class of antibiotics. Cefixime is used to treat various bacterial infections in our bodies. Certain bacteria infections in our body take place in our respiratory tracts which could lead to pneumonia. It is also useful in treating bacterial infections in-ear, urinary tract, throat, nose and also helps to treat some sexually transmitted diseases. Generally, it works by killing the bacteria that are causing the infections in different parts of the human body.

Cefixime 200mg Tablets prevents the bacteria from forming a covering wall that is needed for that survival. Cefixime also treats pneumonia, sinus infections in patients who are allergic to penicillin and is also used to treat severe diarrhea( shigella, salmonella). Also, it comes in handy too in treating typhoidal fever which is most common in almost every country. So, it shows how much variety a single tablet can give and it allows patients to use this medicine regularly as it is affordable and most efficient to provide instant relief from bacterial infections.

This tablet doesn’t contain any side effects and if there is any it disappears instantly within the body as its side effects aren’t prolonged.Still some people can feel the effects of nausea, Stomach Pain, or indigestion. It is also termed as safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding women. Just for kidney and liver patients, it should be given with a prescription of a medical professional.

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