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Deflazacort 6mg Tablets



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DEFTAS-6 is a salt composition of Deflazacort(6mg) Tablets and it belongs to a class of medicines called steroids. It is used to cure various ailments such as severe allergic reactions, cancer, asthma, rheumatic disorders, and skin and eye disorders. It is a highly effective medicine as it is a corticosteroid drug and it helps in increasing the levels of glucocorticoid in the body and helps in decreasing the substances formations that are highly responsible for inflammation and it also supports immunity to stop self-mutilation to a human body by the immune system.

The Deflazacort tablet works by releasing the substances that are causing swelling inside or by changing the efficiency of our immune system. The main functioning of this tablet inside our body is by reducing the inflammation associated with allergies. This is also very effective to treat various eye infections such as redness, swelling, itching, and watering of the eyes.

In addition to that this tablet should be taken on an empty stomach or you can take it with food. The Deflazacort Medicine has almost no to very limited side effects but still if the consumer feels hungry or your need for appetite has grown recently, frequent urination, swelling on the face then one should tell the doctor about these effects.

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