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Febuxostat 40 mg Tablets



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FEUSAT-40 salt composition is Febuxostat (40mg) and it is a medicine used to treat hyperuricemia in those individuals who have gout. It is used by adults to keep their uric acid low as gout is mainly caused by having extreme uric acid levels inside their body. Crystals formations take place around your joints which can lead to swollen joints and they can be very painful. Gout is defined as a type of arthritis in which uric acid builds up around the joints and it can lead to irritation, extreme pain, weakness and can also led to the kidneys forming kidney stones in the suffering patients.

This Febuxostat 40 mg medicine works by ceasing the formation of crystals inside your body and around the joints and ultimately it will reduce uric acid in your body. The best time to take this medicine is in the morning as you can take it with or without food and in this way you can prevent having sudden gout attacks.

FEUSAT-40 is unsafe during pregnancy and we do not recommend it for pregnant ladies or those who are planning for pregnancy. Also, women who breastfeed, should not use this medication as it can feed through milk to the baby and can cause harm. It should be taken with cold water only.

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