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    Betahistin 16 mg Tablets

    HYSIN 16

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    Hysin 16 is made up of Betahistine, which is used for the treatment of vertigo and Meniere’s disease.
    Vertigo happens when there is a lack of coordination between the brain, eyes, ear, and vestibular system. These clashing signals may occur due to problems in the vestibular system or the brain. In Meniere’s dizziness, a person can face hearing loss and ringing in the ears that are probably caused because of the build-up of fluid in the inner ear.

    Betahistine helps in improving the blood flow in the inner ear which reduces the pressure of excess fluid in the ear. These fluids can send messages to the brain that cause nausea, dizziness, or spinning sensations in the body that are symptoms of Meniere’s disease.

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    HYSIN 16


    Betahistin 16 mg




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