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Betahistin 8 mg Tablets



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HYSIN 8 mg tablets contain Betahisitne salt. It is used for the treatment of a disease known as Meniere’s disease. In this disease, the symptoms can include vertigo, nausea, ringing in the ears, or loss of hearing sometimes which is probably caused by the fluid in the ear. If the amount of fluid is in excess, then fluid can send a signal to the brain nerve cells which ultimately causes the feeling of numbness, spinning sensations, or sometimes ringing sound can be heard for long.

This Betahistin tablets helps by reducing the amount of fluid level in the ear and helps to improve hearing and other symptoms. Also, this medicine improves the blood flow in the inner ear and elevates the pressure by reducing the fluid pressure. It is a histamine analog and its dosage can cure ear disorders which can relax the brain and hearing sensation of any individual who is suffering from this problem. This medicine is also used to treat various other diseases such as depression ( Selegiline) and Parkinson’s disease.

Although the Betahistin medicine is safe, still some individuals have some side effects that include indigestion, headache, etc. Though its effect is not known on pregnant ladies or those who breastfeed, still it is advised to be safe even during driving and safe for kidneys and lungs.

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