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RIFATEX 200 ( Rifaximin 200mg )




RIFATEX 200 generic name is Rifaximin. It is a medicine used to treat traveler’s bacteria and irritable bowel syndrome. Traveler’s bacteria is a type of bacteria that is caused by a common bacteria known as E. Coli. Well, its benefits could also have seen in a brain problem which has been caused by liver disease ( Hepatic Encephalopathy). With this brain problem, one can’t think properly but the intake of these tablets after some time, will help to clear a person’s thoughts and they can think clearly after that. This tablet comes under the class of antibiotics.

The Rifaximin medicine is generally used by adults who have irritable diarrhea. Diarrhea is a condition where there is no control of any individual over his loose motions and there is watery or waste in blood form. Its working is quite simple, as it works by killing certain microorganisms that are responsible for infections and it stops and prevents the growth of those microorganisms again to cause infection and in this way, the patient can get relief from diarrhea. Since diarrhea can cause an individual to loss of fluid to a certain extent, so a person should stay hydrated mostly.

It is usually given for 3 days for traveler’s diarrhea and to get rid of irritable bowel syndrome you should frequently take these medications up to 14 days. Well, it doesn’t have many side effects but still, some patients may experience nausea, fever, headache, dizziness, etc. It is not advised for pregnant ladies to take this prescription or while breastfeeding.

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Rifaximin 200 mg




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