Pcd Pharma Franchise Benefit

The pharmaceutical consulting firm, Texas Pharmaceuticals, has launched a new business opportunity called PCD Pharma Franchise. This is a chain of company franchises including at least two Texas pharmaceuticals. The chain will have pharmacies in 13 states, with about half located in Texas. The concept is to give pharmaceutical consultants and professionals an avenue through which they can make lots of money without having to do the traditional recruiting and management responsibilities that come along with jobs in pharmaceuticals. This is how PCD Pharma was started.

The PCD Pharma franchise includes the opportunity to work with a certified pharmaceutical company in Texas. This company will manufacture Tablet, Capsule, syrups for retail, medical care outlets. They are a part of Wal-Mart’s contract manufacturing network. Syrups will be made in batches, each batch will have a different color, and each color represents one of the thousands of possible prescription or cosmetic syrups that a store may carry. Retail pharmacies will order these syrups from the certified pharmaceutical company. When a pharmacy chooses a PCD pharmacy as a supplier of their syrups, the syrups are shipped directly to the retail locations.

A PCD Pharma franchise is attractive to many pharmacists because of the income and benefits it offers. This income comes in two parts: pay per sale and pay for service. With a PCD pharmacy, a pharmaceutical consultant works only in conjunction with the retail company and does not have to deal with inventory, or even provide clients with prescriptions. The consultant works with the company’s marketing group and works with consultants, technicians, and sales reps who work on the front line of customer service.

In addition to providing a retail outlet for medications, a PCD pharma can also provide solutions to customers by offering dry syrups, health supplements, health bars, diabetic testing supplies, and other pharmaceutical products. A PCD can even provide refill service for prescription drugs purchased from the outlet.

There are several Pcd (Pharmaceutical Development Companies) across India including KPCA (Karnataka Pharma Development), GMP (Maharishi Guggulu Pharmacy Supply), and TDC (The Indian Drug Products Company), one of the best is Texas Pharmaceutical company.

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