Pharma Franchise Business Opportunity in Gujarat

Pharma Franchise Business Opportunity in Gujarat- Gujarat is distinguished as a booming state of India that contributes more to the economy. The state has the best medical facilities but also this state faces a shortage of specialists in some medical departments. It is becoming a model state on all fronts of human development. Looking into scope, we at Texas Pharmaceuticals provided Pharma Franchise Business opportunity in Gujarat to all the wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and medical representatives who are looking for growth.

Texas Pharmaceuticals is an ISO Certified Company, popular for providing the best quality of manufacturing as well as the packaging of the pharma products. Our all the Medications go through the stringent quality parameters under the eye of our expert team of quality assurance. They keep their eyes on every manufacturing procedure and ensure that the product is quality-approved. The company has incorporated Pharma Franchise Business Opportunity in Gujarat for serious entrepreneurs who are looking for long-term business success.

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Texas Pharmaceutical Explains the Scope of Pharma Franchise Business Opportunity in Gujarat

Gujarat is known for its economic success which is very true because the state has ranked at the top in the pharmaceutical industry of India. The state shares 33% in drug manufacturing and 28% in exporting the drugs. Besides, Gujarat has witnessed a speedy economic growth in healthcare owing to extensive industrialization. Gujarat is at the forefront of establishing & maintaining a good health infrastructure. In the state budget for 2018-19, US$ 1.5 billion has been allocated by the state government for the Health & Family Welfare Department.

Gujarat’s pharmaceutical sector has become innovation-driven to attract global opportunities and become a global pharmaceutical hub. The state provides specialized healthcare services and High-quality infrastructure and at very low costs, thus making it a preferred destination for medical tourism. Gujarat market clocked the highest growth rate in pharmaceuticals by 22.4 percent which means it is double the growth rate of the Indian Pharmaceutical market. Gujarat is now distinguished amongst the booming states in India.

Top Cities/Areas in Gujarat for PCD Franchise Business

No doubt Gujarat is a developing city and has made vast growth in the pharmaceutical industry. So, Texas Pharmaceutical is offering Pharma Franchise Business Opportunity in Gujarat and its surrounding areas which are described below:

  • Surat– Surat which has become a leader in sanitation and public health has a population of 4,462,002. The Government has transformed this urban state which was infamous for filth and plague in the past.
  • Porbandar – Another city of Gujarat has a very low population as compared to the other cities of Gujarat i.e. 217,500. This city was hit by heavy rainfall leading to many health problems leading to malaria and other communicable diseases.
  • Ahmedabad– Ahmedabad is the largest city and former capital of Gujarat. This city plays a vital role as medical tourism. Ahmedabad has many private and government medical hospitals where foreigners visit for treatment.
  • Gandhinagar– The capital of Gujarat Gandhinagar, with a population of 292,167 has all the healthcare centers and manufacturing companies which help in raising the growth of the city.

What Makes Us the Rising Pharmaceutical Company?

Texas Pharmaceuticals is the first choice for the pharma professional when it comes to investing in a trustworthy and reliable pharma company. Over the years, we have won the trust of customers, health professionals, and doctors with our effective and quality products. The organization has the value of its brand market. Our products meet the increasing demand and expectations of the customers. Below are some more benefits of choosing Texas for business investment:

  1. The company is well-certified by the authorities and provides all approved drugs. Texas has accreditation of ISO, WHO, GMP, and GLP.
  2. All our products come with the best quality packaging which ensures the long shelf life and protection of the atmosphere.
  3. With the help of the best transportation network, we make sure to deliver all products on time in all parts of the country.
  4. The experts at Texas provide new and innovative products regularly.
  5. Associates are kept well informed regarding the latest realizes and launch in the company by newsletters.

List of Promotional Inputs for Pharma Franchise in Gujarat

Texas Pharmaceuticals provides a better solution for the franchise when it comes to marketing and promotion. The design of each tool has been done by experts to increase growth. Our company is providing an appealing list of marketing and promotional tools. You can trust us for better marketing solutions. They will help in promoting the business better. Some of our promotional tools consist of the following:

  1. Promotional Gifts like diaries, calendars, pens, etc.
  2. Promotional Literature.
  3. Sample Covers
  4. Notepads
  5. Chemist Pads
  6. MR Bags or Pharma Bags
  7. Visual Aids
  8. Visiting Cards etc.

Benefits of Collaboration with Texas Pharmaceutical

Texas Pharmaceutical offers business deals at a commendable rate. In our provision of Pharma Franchise Business Opportunity in Gujarat, you will be acknowledged with the following benefits.

Access to the Resources: Pharmaceutical companies provide existential benefits to business associates. The collaborators are allowed to use our promotional goodies to enhance their customer base. The expert’s guidance is offered to the client to resolve the problems.

Premium Range of Products: We are the top pharmaceutical company in the region that supports developed drugs. Our product range includes alkaliser, anti-gout, ulcer protectives, anti-vertigo, appetite stimulants, anti-malaria, analgesics, anti-psychotic, antibiotics/pediatric, anti-cold, anti-viral, cardiology, digestive aids, laxatives, anti-fungal, nutritional supplement, dental range, herbal oil, antibiotics, musculoskeletal disorders, herbal products, gynecology, antibiotic, gastro, steroids, orthopedic, protein powder, respiratory tract disorders, anti-malarial, powder, infertility

Long-Term Benefits: The business associates receive long-term benefits in our PCD Pharma Business. The benefits include the monopoly right, low-risk investment, high profits and margins, networks and collaboration, and future growth opportunities.

On-time Delivery: Texas Parmaceutical provides the products on time with no hidden carrier charges. The deliveries are available 24/7 and for the yearly stock.

Top Points to Consider Before Starting a Pharma Franchise in Gujarat

A business requires complete planning before the startup and you should be well aware of every detail of your business. Below are some of the points that you should remember when you start your own PCD franchise business.

  • Do proper planning like in which pharma segment you want to deal with. You can own any segment franchise like a pharma franchise for tablets, capsules, injections, pediatric, ayurvedic herbal range, etc. or you can deal in all of them in limited quantities.
  • Location plays a very significant role in the success of the PCD franchise business. Therefore choose the region where there is less competition and good demand for pharma products.
  • Your experience will work as a cherry on top. If you have an experience of 3 to 4 years in the marketing field then it will be so easy for you to have a flourishing pharma franchise business.
  • When it comes to choosing the right pharma company then do proper online and offline research. And ask the previous employees of the company about the performance of the company. Also, ensure whether the company is providing monopoly rights or not.
  • No doubt that the PCD franchise venture gives you a good business but always cross-examine every detail and take out the flawed assumptions.

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